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Earn Money

With JobScouts

Become a Scout

Find the right person for
the job and get paid.

Scouts Get Paid


Become a Scout

Find the right person for the job and get paid.

Why Scout With Us

Because #RecruitmentNeedsChange

Get Paid

You earn money by connecting
the right people to jobs.

Anytime, Anywhere

Scout at home or work, in the
morning or night – you decide.

Make a Difference

Match people you know to
the career of their dreams.

Recruitment Needs Change

It’s a broken system, employers and candidates deserve better.

Be part of the change. You know people, get paid for it.

How It Works

Browse jobs to share with people who are a good fit.

Invite them to apply, using your unique referral link.

Get paid when your referrals are successful.

Top Questions from Scouts

You will be paid a reward for every placement you make.

Placement fees are split across the probationary period. This will depend on how the employer chooses to split the amount. It may be 50/50 or 80/20 or something different. It is entirely up to the employers discretion.

Money you’ve earned from successful placements is paid to your JobScouts wallet.

Once in your wallet, you may choose to leave it there to earn interest. Interest rates in JobScouts are very very generous and are paid to your account at the end of each month.

If you wish to withdraw your money, you can do so by connecting your credit or debit card to JobScouts and choosing ‘withdraw’.

Absolutely nothing. It costs you nothing to be a Scout on JobScouts!

Just join and wait for the roles to be sent to you.

Through your personal networks or through sharing on your Social Media profiles.

It’s up to you how you search for Candidates and how hard you want to look!

Guides are published frequently helping teach Scouts how to find the best Candidates quickly, and earn the money!

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Zero Effort

Simply complete your profile.
New opportunities are released to you when they’re published.

Ready to Make Money?

The first step is to sign up.

Real Money on Offer

Earn $100’s & $1,000’s for what you do already.

Choose Your Jobs

The money you earn varies on the type of job, its set rewards and your success in finding the right person.

You do it anyway, get paid for it.

Retail Jobs

Jobs in retail & associated industries.

image of job placement for retail sales officerimage of Trusted customer sales service

Retail Sales Officer

Customer Service & Sales

$1,000 Reward per Placement

$1,000 Reward per Placement

IT Jobs

IT, Engineering & associated industries

image of right skills for IT rolesimage of trusted introduction for IT roles

Presales Consultant

Tech Support

$4,000 per Placement

$1,200 per Placement

Marketing Jobs

Marketing, Advertising & Communications jobs

image of marketing manager getting padimage of trusted introduction for marketing roles

Marketing Manager

Communications Manager

$3,000 per Placement

$1,500 per Placement

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It’s Easy To
Get Started

1. Sign Up Online

2. Complete Your Profile

3. Start Scouting

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Help Others &
Get Rewarded

Of course you help people you know.

You’re just that kind of person.

Now you get paid for the help you give.

They actually want you too.