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Earn money finding candidates for businesses that need staff.

What is JobScouts

JobScouts is the Home of
CrowdSourced Recruitment and Referrals.


We find Candidates for businesses who need them.

Why search with JobScouts

Earn extra money for your goals

Reach your financial goals by earning extra money
finding Candidates with JobScouts.

Work from anywhere

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, using JobScouts CrowdSearch
you can search for Candidates in any country.

Choose your schedule

With JobScouts there’s no set hours, you can work where
and when you want to.

Takes only minutes

Commencing a Candidate search and sharing jobs around the Internet
takes only minutes. Minutes that could earn you $100’s.

Get started easily

No background or reference checks required, all the tools you need
are provided to you. Simply Signup!

Start Scouting immediately

As soon as you join, you can begin Scouting for any open roles.

Know what you’ll earn upfront

Each job opening shows you how much you’ll earn for a
successful placement before you request to Scout.

Sign up Details


  • You’re over 18 & a human

  • You know how to search the internet

  • You have used Social Media

  • You have a bank account

How to sign up

  • Sign Up Online by clicking here

  • Verify your email address

  • Complete your profile

  • Begin Scouting for Candidates

How JobScouts Works

Start Scouting

Click “Browse Jobs” in your dashboard to view
open roles and the incentives on offer.

Invite Candidates

Invite Candidates you know or have found to apply
for the role you’re scouting for.

Candidate gets Hired

Employer interviews your Candidate and decides to hire them.

Get Paid

Money from placements is deposited into your
JobScouts Wallet. You can withdraw at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be paid a reward for every placement you make. You can earn $100’s or even $1,000’s per placement.

Placement fees are split across the probationary period. This will depend on how the employer chooses to split the amount. It may be 50/50 or 80/20 or something different. It is entirely up to the employers discretion.

Money you’ve earned from successful placements is paid to your JobScouts wallet.

Once in your wallet, you may choose to leave it there to earn interest. Interest rates in JobScouts are very very generous and are paid to your account at the end of each month.

If you wish to withdraw your money, you can do so by connecting your credit or debit card to JobScouts and choosing ‘withdraw’.

Money is paid out either to your bank account or to a paypal account.

Absolutely nothing. It costs you nothing to be a Scout on JobScouts!

Just join and wait for the roles to be sent to you.

Through your personal networks or through sharing on your Social Media profiles.

It’s up to you how you search for Candidates and how hard you want to look!

Guides are published frequently helping teach Scouts how to find the best Candidates quickly, and earn the money!

You can Scout from any country in the world, there is no limitation.

The majority of roles posted are for Australian companies and Australian jobs, but you can Scout for these roles using the CrowdSearch functions just like anyone else. No matter where in the world you are.

No! Absolutely not. If you know how to search the internet and know the basic fundamentals of social media then no.

However, if you happen to have skills in recruiting, recruitment or HR, this will help you.

Training is provided for every Scout to know how best to find Candidates.

Your account is active immediately as soon as you verify your email address.

You’ll need to complete your profile setup which only takes a few minutes and then you can commence searching for Candidates.

No, you don’t need prior experience. In fact some of our more active Scouts had never done any recruiting work before in their life!

If you have experience in recruitment or HR, this is useful. However it’s not mandatory, you don’t need it.

Simply your laptop, computer or phone and an internet connection.

The rest is done online, so you don’t need any other special equipment.

Ready to try Job Scouts?