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How do I recruit employees for my small business?



Recruiting employees is not an easy task. In today’s job market, the labor force holds the upper hand. More and more talents have their own set of goals and requirements. With the high shortage of employees, you need to make your small business stand out. The labor force is shrinking, but your business need not suffer from this decline.

As a small business owner, what can you do to recruit more staff? What are the steps that you should take in order to attract and retain people?

Make Them Meet Their Compensation Match.

Potential hires have one main concern. In the first few seconds of looking at your posting, they will look at it and know right away if they will take the job or not. What is this factor? It is the compensation.

Small businesses often make the mistake of creating a position that matches their needs without matching the needs of the talent. The salary is always based on the budget but not their reality of the job market. This fact makes it difficult for talents to get hired, to stay, and to enjoy their stay at the company. 

When you hire based on your budget, you are doing yourself a favor by sticking to your books. However, you should expect to see a quick turnover rate of your talents. If you cannot offer a salary that is at par with market factors and market offers, your talents would just be looking for other jobs while working for you – this is the reality. 

Give Other Possible Benefits.

Your hires will only be as good as what you can offer them. Quality employees often consider their compensation and the benefits that they get from the company. 

At the very least, you should be able to offer life insurance, dental coverage, and medical coverage. You may think that this is an added cost that you are not ready to invest in. However, you must look at the bigger picture. Think of the money you spend as an investment to your future and your company’s future. The happier your employees are, the better it will be for your company. 

Where can you get such offerings? As a small business, you may think that you need to find offers on your own but that is not the case. The following are some of the ways that will get you and your company some added benefits:

  • Discuss your needs with your insurance agent. There are some programs that your insurance company offers that you can take advantage of and have your employees benefit from it. 
  • Join business organizations. Business organizations are not just there for you to socialize with, they are also there to offer you more assistance to your business. 
  • Look at your tax perks. One way to minimize the costs associated with your employee benefits is to look at your tax write offs. This way, you are keeping your company competitive for talents, and you also get benefits from it.

Bring Fun In Your Recruitment.

One of the most common mistakes that individual companies commit is their failure to make hiring fun. While getting a job is an important matter, you still need to play with the human side of your talents and make sure that you bring fun in the recruitment. 

What steps can you take to bring in some fun? They are the following:

  • You may get the hiring process from personal to online. Small businesses thrive online so it is always a good idea to hire individuals who are also tech savvy. 
  • Bring the hiring to activity-related areas. You can make a “golf tournament hiring day” for your company. This step brings you closer to the work-life balance ideals that most talents look for in a company today. 

Show Off That Your Employees Can Have The Balance They Need

Employees nowadays are picky with their jobs because of social media. More people want to show off that they are living their best life. If your company can bring that balance to your employees, your employees should be able to stay. You will also get promotions at the same time because people will talk about how good of a company you have. 

What are some of the perks that you can offer your talents? The following are some of the perks you may try: 

  • Flexible working hours;
  • Flexible working arrangements:
  • Work at home arrangements;
  • Power nap breaks:
  • Childcare services;
  • Extra day off; and 
  • Free meals during overtime.

Some companies are more creative with the balance that they offer. Some more creative options that you may want to consider are the following:

  • Health facilities;
  • A fully-equipped gym;
  • Local spa treatments as perks;
  • Employee discounts; and 
  • Mobile phone plans.

Always Give Your Employees A Reason To Move Forward

Some people quit their jobs or do not accept job offers because they want to move forward. People need to know that their career will have the opportunity to advance. Will your employee stay if they will feel stuck at a job with the same pay for 10 years? Will you stay? 

As an employee, you need to make sure that you allow your employees to have the following:

  • A chance to develop their skills;
  • A chance to have more responsibilities, and higher pay; and 
  • A chance to have something better for the future.

Develop A Reliable Rewards System

You may also want to develop a reliable reward system. An incentive program uplifts the spirits of your employees. This step can be done through the following steps:

  • Good performing employees may join the annual company-paid retreat;
  • Employees can collect good job points that they can convert to cash; 
  • Profit sharing schemes; and 
  • Programs that allow for competition with rewards may also be something you can offer.

With a lot of companies that offer a good experience for employees, you need to stand out. Keep in mind that you will be able to hire quality employees if you offer quality packages. You will be more attractive as an employer when you know how to attract the right people.


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