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Want to hire better candidates?

Most businesses struggle with knowing how to recruit the best candidates for their company. From where to find the right person to what interview questions to ask, hiring new staff can be a challenging task. Therefore, if recruiting staff isn’t your area of expertise, here are 5 Steps to Find Better Candidates the next time you hire.

1. Don’t Rely on Job Boards, Use Referral Recruitment

To recruit better candidates, try using referral recruitment.

Most job boards are flooded with listings that provide minimal information and are increasingly attracting lower-quality candidates.  Job Seekers are learning that they are more likely to reach their dream career with a company through personal referrals. We’ve spoken to countless candidates who have only ever found and been hired for their preferred positions through referrals, not job boards. Therefore, relying on job boards as your method of recruitment may mean you miss out on the better candidates!

Furthermore, Job Boards require the hirer to sort and filter through hundreds of applications. It is not the most efficient use of your time and there are easier alternatives to recruit better candidates.

So, why does using referral recruitment help you find better candidates?

Above all, referral recruitment directly addresses fit and social connection. Take advantage of the relationship and trust between the Candidate and the person who referred them. No one wants to refer their friend to a bad job, and no one wants to refer a job to someone who won’t fit the bill! Referral recruitment is based on trust and leads to higher quality candidate applications.

Using referral recruitment methods, such as JobScouts Internal Recruitment and JobScouts Referral Recruitment, you can find a better fitting candidate from the get-go.

2. Make Applying Easy, But Make it More Personalised

Don’t make the barrier to entry too high by requiring applicants to fill out pages and pages of information before they can submit a resume. Instead, add application questionnaires that prompt the candidate to provide personalised information that helps you to easily gauge if they will be a good fit for the job, your company culture and team.

Make it a goal to facilitate conversation and find candidates who want to engage with you on a more personal level.

3. Put More Emphasis on Social Media

Share your job opportunities with your social media community. They’re already fans of your brand – they are likely to apply themselves or spread the word to their friends who would be perfect for the job.

Using JobScouts Community Referrals, you can share your job listing directly with your brands’ community. Social media templates for Instagram posts and stories, Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to ask for referrals from your community.

4. Sell Your Company

The best talent out there needs to be sold on working for you. You are competing against all other job listings to get the best candidates. The top companies across the world find the very best employees because they work hard to attract and then sell the position to talented candidates. The best candidates want to work for a company that has a big vision, an opportunity to progress their career, positive work culture and environment, 

With JobScouts, you can show off your company to Job Seekers easily. JobScouts allows you to create an eye-catching Company Profile:

  • Company Description
  •  Photo gallery where you can upload photos that represent your brand, team, working culture and events.
  • Links to your social media pages
  • Upload an introduction or welcoming video

5. Build a Talent Pipeline, Candidate Relationship Management Matters

How many times do you think an applicant has heard “…However, we’ll keep your information on file and be in touch if we have future job opportunities”? The answer is – way too many times! Companies often use the line to soften their candidate rejections, but rarely take advantage of actually keeping a data-base of highly talented people.

You can maintain healthy, positive relationships with past, current and potential candidates with Candidate Relationship Management. In other words, you should save contact details and resumes of applicants so that you have a ready pool of talent for when you next hire.

If you don’t select a candidate but he or she is definitely a person you may want to hire in the future, set up a simple system that allows you to stay in touch. It will save you time, effort and money the next time you are searching for the best candidates.

See great people as a sales opportunity. You wouldn’t throw away a prospect now, would you?

Of course, if you want to try something different, you can consider Trust-Based Referral Recruitment with JobScouts.

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