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How to hire the right person every time?

Recruiting staff costs businesses time, money and effort. In an ideal world, you would find the perfect candidate easily, quickly and retain them for many years. Unfortunately, hiring the right person for the job every time is difficult and takes practice. Candidates are always dressed in their Sunday best to make the right first impression. On face value, they can look like the perfect person! But how do you know what they will really be like to work with? Will they still be showcasing their Sunday best in 3 months time? How do you know if the candidate is the best person for the job?

It is vital to hire the best candidate for the job and for your company from the get-go. Here are our 10 Tips for Hiring the Right Person For The Job.

Tip 1: Create a Better Job Description

When you’ve decided to hire you may be tempted to quickly write a simple description and advertise your job straight away, but don’t! If you want to find the right person for the job, it’s important to let Job Seekers know exactly you’re looking for and give them an insight into your company. Firstly you need to write a thorough job description that outlines the responsibilities of the role and the functions of the job. Make sure to add information about your company culture and any perks that come with the job.

Having a properly defined job description attracts the right person to the job and will also help you work out the sort of interview questions you may ask later on.

Tip 2: Show Off Your Company Culture

By showcasing your company vision, values, culture and team environment to Job Seekers you are more likely to attract the right person to the job.

When Candidates are browsing for jobs, they might skim past standard job descriptions. But if they see a job with a more in-depth company culture description listed and conclude your company is the type of place they’d love to work in – they’ll make the effort to apply!

Highlight what working in your company is like. It will attract people who are the right person for the job.

Avoid using cliches and buzzwords when describing your company culture, like “Work hard, play hard” and “A fast-paced environment”. Instead, describe your culture in basic but personalised terms. Share your organisation’s mission statement, vision and values so candidates know what type of company they’re applying to.

Using JobScouts, Hirers can really make their jobs stand out. With JobScouts, you can create a compelling Company Profile by:

  • Providing an overview of your company and brand
  • Uploading a photo gallery
  • Providing links to your social media accounts
  • Uploading an Introduction video

Tip 3: Use Referral Recruitment

Don’t underestimate referrals from staff, colleagues or crowd-sourced referral networks like JobScouts. Candidate referrals can cut down the effort required for hiring, speeding up the process and bringing a higher quality candidate from the start.

If you want to jump right in and start using expanded crowdsourced referrals, try JobScouts today.

Tip 4: Vet The Candidates

Filtering and pre-screening will save you time. Have Candidates answer a series of pre-scripted questions or maybe fulfilling some sort of pre-screening test will auto-qualify candidates, thus saving you time.

Sure a Candidate may look good on paper, but pre-vetting and filtering will quickly tell you whether they are in fact a good fit, despite the qualifications.

If you choose to do the pre-screening as an interview, you can also put in additional questions such as salary expectations. Such questions will help work out whether they are in alignment with your job. Similarly, a skilled interviewer will also be able to tell whether the candidate is a good cultural fit or not.

JobScouts allows you to add Application Questionnaires to your job. When a candidate applies, they must answer the set of questions you have listed. This simple step means that you can automatically filter out the applicants who don’t meet your criteria.

Furthermore, you can get pre-vetted Candidates using JobScouts Referral Recruitment. Our JobScouts do all the hard work for you, delivering the very best and pre-vetted candidates straight to your desk!

Tip 5: Ask Better Job Interview Questions, Throw in Some Curveballs

The job interview is key to hiring the right person. It’s an opportunity to really get to know the candidate, ask questions and determine if they are going to be the best person for the job! Rather than asking the usual job interview questions such as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “What makes you think you’d be a good fit for the job?”, ask questions that will separate the average from the best candidates.

Consider the interviewing process as an opportunity to meet someone that you don’t yet know. Think of it as meeting a new friend! Sure, you’re going to have to put rigour and process around your selection process because the person must have the skills and attitude required, however, you may also become friends with them!

What’s more, if you approach the interview as you would a discussion with a friend, you’ll find you get more truth out of the Candidate. It will be a more realistic experience for all parties, which hopefully leads to a more fruitful engagement on-going.

Tip 6: Review Credentials, Profiles and Applications Carefully (or pay JobScouts to do it for you!)

Reviewing resumes, cover letters and candidate applications requires a lot of time, but it’s well worth the effort. Starting with a thorough job description makes the filtering process easier. Use the bulleted list of your desired characteristics, required qualifications, skills and areas of expertise to screen applicants against. You will quickly find that the Candidates who meet your criteria stand out and are more likely to be the right person to hire.

If you don’t want to spend hours sorting through hundreds of Candidate applications, get our JobScouts to do it for you. JobScouts will read and interpret your job description carefully, search their networks for people who would be the right person for the job, ask people they know to apply to the role, filter all applications based on your criteria and, finally, submit their top candidates to you.

Tip 7: Strive for Diversity

Diversity in the people you hire provides different perspectives for innovation, problem-solving and creativity within a business.

Diversity can be scary, especially for smaller businesses. It’s tempting to hire our very own Minions – people who look, act, think and speak just like ourselves. It feels good and it feels easy. Be very careful of this practice, as when you’re hiring you’re actually not looking for someone like you (that’s your job) you’re looking for someone who can do the job.

Look for people who can complement the skills you or your team already possess and don’t hire a duplicate.

To build an innovative culture within your team, hire people who think differently.

Tip 8: Take Your Time

You may feel pressure to fill a role quickly, especially if you’re short on staff and need to share the workload. But don’t hire the first person you meet. It will cost you in the long run if you hire without taking the time to find the right person for the job. As a rule of thumb, make sure you interview at least three different applicants before making a decision on who you hire.

On the other hand, done is better than perfect – don’t fall for perfection paralysis. Your business can’t afford to wait forever to hire the right person. We’re all human – no one is perfect, not even the ‘right person’ for the job is perfect.

Tip 9: Get Other Opinions

Involve other team members in the interview process, ask your receptionist how they treated him or her as they walked in.

Ask our JobScouts to evaluate applicants for you and submit those that they believe are best suited for your role.

And don’t be afraid to actually call the candidates references! Ask for their opinion, what the candidate’s greatest strengths and weaknesses were when working for their previous employer. You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t call the references provided by the candidate.

Tip 10: Trust Your Guts

As soon as you interview a candidate, you will have a gut feeling if they are the right or wrong person for the job. What is your instinct? Do you have doubts about a candidate even if they have the perfect resume? Does one particular candidate just ‘feel right’?

Don’t ignore your doubts or first impressions about the person you are interviewing. That nagging feeling you have during the hiring process won’t magically disappear after you hire them.

Take note of your instincts, determine why you feel that way and trust your gut when choosing the right person to hire.

Ultimately, hiring the right person for the job every single time takes some practice. It can take longer than you thought. Using suggestions from these 10 Tips will help you to choose the right person the next time you are hiring and doing it faster.

Hiring the wrong candidate could mean they won’t last in your business which decreases your staff retention rate, ultimately costing your business even more time, money and effort.

Hiring the right person from the start ensures you don’t waste money. The right candidate will work with you long term and enhance your company, boost productivity and positively impact your work environment.

Of course, once you’ve got your plan down pat, there’s always JobScouts to help you hire the right person for the job every single time.

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